EG-40 Gummy Line

The EG-40 Gummy Line is the ideal solution for businesses looking to produce smaller amounts of gummies quickly and cost-effectively. This automated system is capable of producing up to 40kg of gummies per hour with minimal labor input, allowing you to keep your production costs low while still producing high-quality results. The EG-40 Gummy Line features an intuitive control system, making it easy for operators to use. The system is also highly adaptable and can be configured to produce a variety of gummies shapes and sizes. It features an adjustable temperature control system that ensures the perfect texture for your products every time. The integrated cooling tunnel also eliminates any remaining moisture to improve shelf life and protect against degradation. The EG-40 Gummy Line is an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to produce smaller quantities of gummies quickly and precisely.  

EG40 Gummy Line
  • Available in different power requirements

  • Custom Layouts to fit your space requirements

  • GMP Compliant

  • USA Service and Sales Support

  • For More Information About this Machine Email us at [email protected]