EG-150 Gummy Line

The EG-150 Gummy Line from Exelon is the perfect solution for businesses looking to add an efficient and cost-effective gummy production line. This automated system takes your raw ingredients, mixes them into a homogenous mixture, shapes them into perfectly formed gummies, and packages them ready for distribution. With its ability to produce up to 150kg of gummies per hour, the EG-150 is one of the fastest and most efficient gummy lines available on the market. The system is incredibly user friendly and requires minimal training for operators. It features a simple touchscreen interface with easy to follow instructions, making it quick and easy to learn how to use. 

The EG-150 also offers superior product quality, giving you gummies with consistent color, shape, and size. The integrated tempering system ensures that your gummies will have the perfect texture every time. Furthermore, the included cooling tunnel eliminates any remaining moisture after production for an improved shelf life of your finished product. 


EG150 Gummy Line
  • Available in different power requirements

  • Custom Layouts to fit your space requirements

  • GMP Compliant

  • USA Service and Sales Support

  • For More Information About this Machine Email us at [email protected]